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Frequently Asked Questions
on scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation being a little known technique, it is normal to ask a lot of questions. The Clinique de la Dermographie Capillaire brings you here its answers to the most frequent questions.

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General Questions

Scalp micropigmentation is temporary (3 to 7 years) and varies according to your skin, so its duration can not be guaranteed. The ideal is to do a touch-up session when the color begins to fade.

Absolutely not. After a scalp micropigmentation hair regrow naturally, at the same rate as before the intervention. In addition, the regrowth won’t affect the pigmentation done on the scalp.

The result is immediate, but it takes 3 to 4 days to heal and 10 to 15 days for the pigments to stabilize. A good professional in dermography can anticipate the evolution of pigments injected.

Only one session is necessary, however a touch-up session may be necessary for an optimum result.

Scalp micropigmentation can not be done in the following cases:

  • Person with progressive skin diseases or infectious and viral diseases
  • Person with severe insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Person with inflammatory alopecia
  • Person under chemotherapy
  • Person wih infectious dermatoses of the scalp
  • Person with heart failure, renal, hepatic or congenital immune deficiency

Finally, patients with severe allergies or patients treated with Roaccutane or acidic vitamin A will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

This solution to hide baldness or alopecia is made to measure. Each patient is unique, it is essential to meet you in order to establish a quote.

Intervention questions

Before a session it is recommended to take a hearty meal to be more relaxed during the intervention and thus limit the risks hypoglycemia. It is also not advisable to expose the area to be treated in the sun 15 days before the appointment.

It is not necessary to shave your hair except in some cases of shaved effect micropigmentation. This is why our expert will provide you with recommendations during a preliminary interview.

No, scalp micropigmentation is absolutely not painful, but it can be slightly unpleasant according to your sensitivity. In addition, the treated area is locally anesthetized during the session with a cream.

After the session, you can resume normal activity. The treated area being presentable and non-painful.

After a session, it is strongly advised not to practice activities such as sauna or any activity exposing the treated area to a large quantity of water and this during the 15 days following the session. It is also important to avoid touching the treated area during the healing period and to observe the hygiene rules.

Special cases

Indeed, it will be possible to practice scalp micropigmentation after completing chemotherapy and advanced regrowth. We must therefore have at least 6 months after your treatment in order to consider an intervention.

Indeed, it is possible. Micropigmentation can be done on the face to complete a beard, a mustache or eyebrows. This belongs to the aesthetic dermography, also practiced within our clinic.

It is really hard to fix a bad scalp micropigmentation. This is why it is necessary to choose a trained expert. Nevertheless, the experts of the Clinique de la Dermographie Capillaire are able correct most of them. You can see our achievements by clicking here.

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