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Bad scalp micropigmentation:
Warning !

Many patients consult us to fix a bad scalp micropigmentation. Fixing a bad scalp micropigmentation is possible in our clinic but it is a complex act that adds costs to the patient who has sometimes spent large sums on inexperienced professionals.

Micropigmentation is an artistic profession. It creates a bond of trust between you and the professional that you have chosen in the hope of obtaining a satisfactory result. Unfortunately, more and more people are disfigured because of opportunists who exploit this profession and who benefit from the suffering of the patients.

Also, before choosing your scalp micropigmentation expert, be sure to follow these rules:

Be wary of sites or forums talking about one specific professional. These profesionnals are often at the origin of these conversations (check the number of messages posted by the users and the subject of their exchanges to get an idea).

Most patients wish to remain discreet about their intervention. It is therefore rare to see them rushing on the forums to praise their practitioner. And even more rare to put the name, address, telephone and website of the latter.

Some even hire community managers to post bad reviews on their competitors in order to demolish their reputation. These same professionals also take care to have withdraw any negative review about themselves.

Do not hesitate to ask for a consultation to meet your future practitioner beforehand. Take the time to consult at least 3 different professional before making your choice.

And above all, ask to see photos examples of their results and make sure that they have not been photoshoped.

Some are self-proclaimed innovators of the technique, others, leaders of the dermopigmentation. They often have less than 5 years of existence.

Fixing a bad scalp micropigmentation:

If you have been a victim of a botched scalp micropigmentation, be aware that it is possible to fix it. Less than 15 days after the procedure being the ideal, the pigments not being completely fixed.

What characterizes a bad scalp micropigmentation: coarse result, spots, stains, colors that turn blue.

Examples of intervention:

Correction of a bad scalp micropigmentation
Correction of a bad scalp micropigmentation
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